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A leader in managing and treating the patient’s Sleep Apnea

Who is Sleep South?

Sleep Management: A leader in managing and treating the patient’s Sleep Apnea through testing, diagnosis, therapy and adherence. Our staff has been helping patients sleep better and healthier by treating their Sleep Apnea with the aid of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP devices for years. Now, with our new technology, we can offer an easier testing and faster diagnostic results, through Home Sleep Testing (HST). That’s right, a sleep study done in your own home. Even more exciting is the fact that it is less expensive, yet just as accurate as traditional sleep lab studies.

Sleep Management brings sleep apnea diagnostic services to the home at a lower cost resulting in improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Services We Provide

During sleep, a person’s tongue falls back against his or her soft palate, and the soft palate and uvula fall back against the back of the throat, blocking or closing the airway.

Home Sleep Test

We are always glad to address any questions that you might come up with. Feel free to contact us about setting up your own home sleep test today by using the form at right.

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